Our values

What we stand for

Care: We feel and take responsibility for people. For those needing help as well as for helpers who work with our products. We
are indebted to our employees, whose commitment we appreciate and whose well-being is close to our hearts. And we are
committed to protecting our environment and to the sustainable treatment of resources. As an active part of society, we want
our company to help facilitate humanitarian progress and make the world a little better.

Pioneering spirit: What has always set our company apart is the ability to beat new paths, identify opportunities in times of
change and make use of new possibilities with innovative, technically superior products.

Individuality: We meet the needs of our customers with regard to individual, tailored solutions. Our wide product portfolio allows
a perfect focus on specific requirements and high flexibility in operations.

Quality: We stand for uncompromising product quality, precision in production and perfect system integration. Our products
enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide.

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