System units for medical care

With the Mobile Medi Care systems, ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GMBH provides flexible and functional equipment for the most
diverse areas of application in mobile and stationary medicine. All systems are custom equipped and can be deployed quickly and safely
in locations where basic clinical care is not available, or where a rapid response to emergencies is required. The basic systems equipped
with the latest medical technology are each ndividually configured for specific applications and can be used for almost any medical
speciality that is also offered at inpatient hospitals or specialist practices. The ZEPPELIN-Shelter® provide a safe working environment
comparable to an inpatient hospital. The dust-proof and waterproof construction of the shelters improves patient safety and infection control.

Mobile Hospital Systems: The capacity and medical facilities contained in the highly flexible and complex medical care systems are
configured according to customer requirements and medical needs, based on the standard modules for 50, 100 and 200 patient beds.

Mobile Emergency Systems: The systems offer a heretofore unprecedented safe and hygienic working environment for emergency
medicine, as well as a high level of care. They are specially adapted for transportation in freight aircraft too.

Mobile Rescue Systems: The ZEPPELIN Rescue Systems are primarily operated from vehicles; the diverse modular configurations
ensure that professional and safe medical care can be provided in emergency situations.

Mobile Clinics: The self-sufficient medical care systems are provided in the shelter, in fixed vehicle bodies and semi-trailers, and the
facilities can be equated with specialist inpatient medical practices.

Modular Hospitals: The systems, which are designed for stationary use, are available in a modular design and can serve various
medical specialities.