System units for infrastructure facilities

In many regions of this world there is still a lack of adequate infrastructure. Be it in the area of energy or water supply, basic medical
care or the supply, processing or storage of food. ZMS provides functional units for this, specially tailored to the respective needs and
immediately operational due to the ready-to-use preassembly. All systems are configured and equipped with regard to the system carrier
so that it is possible to move them to the operation site with all globally available logistics systems and so that stationary use is ensured.
The systems are connected - if available - to the local supply and waste disposal networks (water, sewage, electricity, etc.). As an option,
a separate infrastructure is installed.

Energy supply: For the power supply in underserved regions, ZMS offers various units in different performance levels - as a standard
system (generator), regenerative system or as a hybrid system.

Water supply: The fully automatic water treatment facilities are used to supply drinking water independent of the water network. The
facilities are designed to treat and process seawater, surface water, well water or brackish water. Distribution systems or tanks complete
the systems.

Basic medical care: The medical practices, emergency clinics and modular hospitals are self-sufficient examination and treatment
facilities, which are offered with various medical specialities and ensure general basic medical care as well as the comprehensive
diagnosis and treatment of special symptoms.