System units for disaster protection

For fast and effective help in the event of a disaster, the civil and disaster protection sectors need globally mobile availabilities of
ready-made functional systems for the areas of analytics and emergency medical care.

For this purpose ZMS provides various, immediately ready-to-use work and protection spaces based on the ZEPPELIN-Shelter®,
which are supplied with different equipment and functions for emergency medical care and analytical studies in the event of a disaster.
All systems are individually configured and equipped for the special application. The systems can be operated as a vehicle supported
unit or set down on the ground.

MATF - Mobile Analytic Task Force: The Mobile Analytic Task Force consists of quickly operational truck-based shelter units, whose
basic task is to detect and evaluate chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards and includes the following steps: - Sampling
and laboratory analysis - Description of the hazards or risks - Determining / marking the contaminated area - Risk analysis, situation
report, monitoring - Recommendations for warnings and protective measures. Trucks and shelters are suitably equipped to be able to
drive into contaminated terrain.

MMTF – Mobile Medical Task Force: The Mobile Medical Task Force is the system that is the first care system to arrive on site in
the event of a disaster and medical emergency. Its vehicle-supported configuration makes the Mobile Medical Task Force highly mobile
and immediately operational. It is operated as a self-sufficient emergency medical care system primarily on a vehicle, although the
shelter may optionally be set down on the ground. Different care capacities and configurations are available. All ATLS functions
(Advanced Trauma Life Support) are supported: - Ensuring respiration - Securing the respiratory tract - Securing blood circulation
- Stopping bleeding - Emergency operations and initial treatment for stabilisation before evacuation. In addition, the Mobile Medical
Task Force is equipped as a mission control centre for the head emergency doctor.